What can Emergency Poet bring to your school?

I love bringing the ambulance and the attached awning into the 
school playground or field to have fun with poetry. Young 
people love the 'outside of school' environment. 
It works best when I can work with a whole class or year group
for the day, dividing it into groups of six or seven,for a 40 
minute poetry workshop, either class projects or I can suggest
Successful school topics in the past have been the Minor Horrors
of War, the pests and diseases in the First World War, complete 
with rat and George's Marvellous Medicine.  
I can give free poems to the whole school lunchtime, be part of a
whole school assembly and organise a poetry reading at the end of 
the day from the pupil's work.
Do get in touch if you'd like more information.
I am a qualified HLTA and have a current DSB certificate.  
Emergency Poet is based in Mid Wales, but can also travel to 
schools in the Midlands.